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fundamentals of dog
training and behavior 2

What To Expect

As a graduate of Fundamentals 1, prepare to ascend to the next level in our exclusive program, where we delve deeper into the core values of pack leadership, with a sharp focus on energy and intention. Under the personal guidance of Cesar Millan, this hands-on experience propels you into real-life scenarios, empowering you to master each situation through the nuanced language of your energy and body.

Step outside your comfort zone and learn the art of being calm confident, embodying the true essence of pack leadership. In a transformative twist, Cesar challenges you to collaborate with carefully selected shelter dogs from the Los Angeles area. These dogs, unknown to Cesar before the workshop, provide a unique opportunity for you to assess and evaluate behavior, collectively working towards meaningful behavior goals.

To optimize your learning, student dogs are not part of this program. This deliberate choice allows you to fully engage with a diverse range of dog behaviors and challenges, offering insights that may not arise in typical settings.

Your impact extends beyond personal growth; it directly contributes to saving lives. Shelters we collaborate with report remarkable adoption rates, a testament to the techniques and knowledge shared during our program. Your participation becomes a powerful force in creating a brighter future for dogs in need.

key focus areas:

Deepen your understanding of the Four Worlds
Hone your ability to comprehensively assess a dog's behavior
Apply and incorporate fresh insights into energy and body language
included in the program package
Fundamentals of Dog Training and Behavior 2
4 Days of Intensive Training: Led by Cesar Millan and his expert Training Team.
Necessary Tools: Receive all essential materials for the program.
Intimate Class Sizes: Ensure personalized training and a focused learning environment.
Multiple Dogs Training: Gain hands-on experience by training dogs from shelters and rescues, enhancing practical skills.
Daily Catered Lunches: Enjoy catered lunches during class to stay energized and focused.
Professional Photos: Capture memories with professional photos taken throughout the event.
Refreshments Available: Stay refreshed with drinks and snacks available throughout the day.
Graduation Celebration: Celebrate your achievement at the Graduation Celebration.
Certificate of Completion: Receive a certificate recognizing your successful completion of the program.
Charitable Contribution: A portion of all registrations is donated to the Cesar Millan Foundation, supporting a meaningful cause.
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faq - fundamentals 2
how is fundamentals 2 different from fundamentals 1?
Fundamentals 1 provided you with a comprehensive introduction to Cesar's approach and methods. In Fundamentals 2, the focus shifts to a more profound exploration of energy and intention. You will have the opportunity to apply your understanding in real-life scenarios, navigating through a series of progressively challenging situations.
do i bring my dog to fundamentals 2?
No, student dogs are not invited to attend Fundamentals 2. This decision is made to ensure an optimal learning experience for all participants.
can i board my dog at the dog psychology center while i take fundamentals 2?
Unfortunately, boarding or day-care services at the Dog Psychology Center will not be available during Fundamentals 2. If you're participating in both workshops back-to-back and your dog attended Fundamentals 1, please make arrangements for proper boarding or day-care during Fundamentals 2.
how many students may attend fundamentals 2?
For an intimate and personalized learning experience, Fundamentals 2 is limited to a maximum of 40 participants.
is cesar personally involved in fundamentals 2?
Absolutely! Cesar is personally engaged throughout Fundamentals 2, taking an active role, especially during the experiential activities. He will provide his distinctive insights and mentor you through the exercises, ensuring a valuable and impactful learning experience.
do you arrange hotel accommodations?
You are responsible for arranging your own lodging and are free to choose accommodations that suit your preferences. While we offer recommendations for local, dog-friendly hotels, please note that we do not make arrangements on your behalf. Information on suggested hotels will be provided upon approval of your course registration. It is not mandatory to stay at the recommended hotel.
do you offer a shuttle or other transportation?
We do not provide shuttle or transportation services. Participants are responsible for arranging their transportation to and from the airport and between the hotel and the Dog Psychology Center (DPC). While renting a car is recommended for convenience, many participants organize carpools independently. Although we encourage carpooling, please be aware that we do not facilitate or organize these arrangements. Alternatively, you may explore ride-sharing options such as Uber or Lyft for added convenience instead of renting a car.
can i attend fundamentals 2 if i have not completed fundamentals 1?
No. Fundamentals 2 is designed to build upon the foundation established in Fundamentals 1, leveraging the knowledge and experience gained in the first program. Upon registration, we will verify your completion of Fundamentals 1 before confirming your enrollment in Fundamentals 2.
i have heard that there is pre-work to complete before fundamentals 2. what is it?
As part of the interactive and personalized nature of Fundamentals 2, two essential assignments must be completed before attending:
1. Video Submission
  • You'll need to submit a brief video demonstrating your attempt to address a dog's behavior issue. These videos are crucial for assessing dog behavior with Cesar Millan. They'll be reviewed in class only and won't be shared publicly.
2. speech presentation
  • You will make a short presentation/speech to fellow students on a selected topic.
Complete details about these pre-work assignments will be provided upon approval of your registration.
i'm nervous about public speaking. is that required?
Indeed, public speaking is a requirement for Fundamentals 2. While it may initially evoke nervousness, the presentation is intentionally designed as part of a series of challenging exercises. These exercises aim to stretch your abilities and, in the process, enhance your confidence. Through these experiences, you will acquire valuable skills in managing your personal energy, enabling you to remain calm and assertive in various situations.
is there a welcome orientation before fundamentals 2 begins?
No. Fundamentals 2 starts bright and early on Thursday mornings. Once at the DPC, we will provide a brief orientation and get right to work.
do you offer a payment plan?
Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans for our programs. Full tuition payment is required at the time of registration. For details on our refund policy, please refer to the terms and conditions section.
what is the refund policy?
Fundamentals 2 Refund Policy:
1. Registration is refundable within 24 hours of booking.
2. Cancellations made after 24 hours and up to 30 days before the course start date will be refunded at 50% (minus a 10% processing fee).
3. No refunds for cancellations made less than 30 days before the course starts or for no-shows at the event.
4. Course transfers and rescheduling requests are not permitted.
5. Refunds will be issued to the original credit card used for registration.
6. Refunds may take 1-2 billing cycles to reflect on your credit card statement.
  • Cesar's Way, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any Training Cesar's Way programs for any reason whatsoever, including insufficient signups, force majeure, acts of God, natural disasters, riots, and reasons beyond our control.
  • In such a case, a refund of payments received by Cesar's Way, Inc. shall constitute full settlement and shall release Cesar's Way, Inc. from further financial liability.
  • The financial burden of Cesar's Way, Inc. shall be limited to the amount paid to Cesar's Way, Inc. for the Training Cesar's Way course only and does not extend to cover any travel or other costs incurred (e.g., non-refundable air tickets, visa fees if applicable, hotel accommodations and trip insurance premiums).
  • Is it recommended to consider trip cancellations insurance that includes coverage for the Training Cesar's Way course fees.